I've re-arranged this page a bit. I was adding newly posted recipes at the bottom.  But someone mentioned that when she wants to see new recipes, she has to scroll to the bottom. Maybe not a major deal, but if I end up with a lot of recipes here it could be a pain.  I'm not going to re-arrange the recipes already posted, but will add new ones to the top which will make it easier for you to see them quickly.

     I watch my fat and cholesterol intake, but I'm not afraid to scarf down a slab of beef ribs or a hunk of cheese. What I'm saying is that this isn't necessarily diet food. Use common sense. If you're on a serious lo-fat/cholesterol diet, ignore the macaroni and cheese recipe.
     There won't be any vegetarian recipes here either. If you don't eat meat, you really should try it.
I like my fruits and vegetables, but I'm a flaming carnivore. I didn't climb to the top of the food chain to become a vegetarian. I believe if God didn't want us to eat animals, she wouldn't have made them out of meat.

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shrimp_rice.jpg (329308 bytes)

Cajun Shrimp & Rice
This is so easy, it's almost like cheating. A pinch  of spices that you should have around the kitchen, some peeled shrimp, and a package of UncleBen's Cajun Style Ready-Rice is all you need. Depending on how quickly you can peel shrimp, this can be ready to eat in about 15 minutes.

BBQ Sauce
This is my personal BBQ sauce recipe that has evolved over the years. I'm always trying different store-bought sauces, but I really like this stuff.

bbqsauce-2.jpg (47268 bytes)

Another BBQ Sauce
I was looking around on my computer and found some recipes I'd forgotten about. This is a very simple concoction. This jar is actually a GoodSeasons dressing mix bottle and the entire recipe fit into it. The perfect amount for a summer weekend.

cornish_hen.JPG (181103 bytes)

Cornish Hen
I've assisted, but never personally cooked a turkey or whole chicken. But Cornish hens are easy and are perfect for one or two persons. Possibilities are endless, but this is my basic recipe and you can start here and take it to whatever level you want.

mac&cheese.jpg (196437 bytes)

Mac & Cheese
This is another recipe of mine that has evolved over the years. It's basically a 2-cheese recipe, but I sometimes use 3 cheeses. Try my recipe and if you like it (or not), try it with your favorite cheeses. I think Bleu cheese would be awesome.

devileggs.jpg (191266 bytes)

Deviled Eggs
Go to an office party or covered dish event and there will be 5-6 different recipes of deviled eggs. I have to try a few of  them, but most taste the same. I try to make mine different. I go to two family Xmas parties every year and don't find any deviled eggs I like better than these.
bbqbeans.jpg (152726 bytes) Baked Beans
These are awesome and very easy to make. It's just measuring and stirring. I got the basic idea of starting with Pork&Beans from a 1985 cookbook that I still own. I've tweaked the recipe enough over the years that I can call this my own.
beensalad.jpg (212048 bytes) Bean Salad
This is basically a 4-bean salad with some of my favorite canned vegetables. It's very versatile and can be made with your favorite beans, vinegar, and veggies. Try my recipe first, then experiment with it. It only has a little oil and sugar in it, so is very healthy. I'll eat this every day until it's gone.
fishsticks.jpg (183602 bytes) Fish Sticks & Tater Tots
OK, so this isn't an actual homegrown recipe. Who doesn't love fish sticks and Tater Tots? The problem is that each requires different oven temperatures and cooking times. This is simply my method of cooking both at the same time.
pizza.jpg (192890 bytes) Pizza
I'll mix it up occasionally, but this is my basic pizza recipe. Sure, I like PapaJohn's, Domino's, PizzaHut, etc.. But there is nothing like a home-made pizza when you've got some serious munchies. I'll put this pizza up against any of the chain restaurants.

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