ProudPhotography ( is an online course I've just completed.
    The school is run by a group of professionals and is hands-on training for beginners or accomplished photographers wanting to brush up on technique. I'm hardly a beginner, but nowhere near the level I'd like to be so I figured what the hell? It was only about $125 for the course.
    The course consists of 13 lessons, all reading material on the site. Most lessons have "homework" assignments. Some are just for experience, some are actually handed in and graded. 
    I've learned an awful lot about my camera and techniques. The main thing I'll walk away with is the ability to understand how the camera reacts to light, composition, and to think outside of the box. If you want to get some solid basics down or are interested in taking your camera out of "Auto" mode, I highly recommend this course.

    Here are some photos I've taken as homework assignments.

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And here are my photos for the final course assignment .....
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City at Night