Five Star 2010 - The Book

     The Five Star 2010 photo book is 8"x10", with 80 pages of  248 photos from the 2010 season.

     I use Blurb which is an on-demand publishing service that produces excellent quality books. On-demand publishing requires no minimum order quantities. I just order however many books I need or can afford at the time. As a result, the individual books are a bit more expensive, but I don't have to invest my life's savings in a minimum order of books I may or may not ever sell.

     Here are a few screen-captures of some sample pages of the book. The resolution of these screen shots are nowhere near the quality of the photos in the printed book. These samples are simply to give you an idea what the book is all about.

     Aside from reminding you how much fun you had competing in the 2010 Five Star series, these books will make excellent gifts for your friends and loved ones. (Better yet, convince them to buy copies for themselves!)

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