Having been sick for a couple of weeks,  I was bored out of my mind and determined to get out of the house. I've been wanting to build a stock portfolio of photos of downtown Charlotte for some time. So I left the farm yesterday and ventured into the big city. I didn't last long. The past week, I'd been pretty much couch-ridden from the antibiotics and was still very weak from the inactivity.
     After 1/2 hour of walking, my legs were killing me. I was also sweating like a hog because some early morning fog had lifted, but the sky was still very cloudy and overcast so very humid. I headed back toward the parking lot thinking I'd have lunch and shoot some more photos. But when I got to within two blocks of the parking lot, I decided to call it a day. So I spent an hour downtown yesterday and am still suffering. Time to dust the treadmill off.
     Anyway, here are some shots of downtown Charlotte that I've taken on a couple of different trips. I was basically just looking for different architecture and contrast in colors and shapes. There is no particular sequence other than the photos are in the order I shot them. There is a day trip, a short night trip, then yesterday's visit.

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