33rd Annual Beach Golf Trip
Myrtle Beach, SC
May 2-4, 2014

   Despite the Weather Channel prediction, Friday was a very nice day. A few sprinkles, but we didn't get wet. Saturday was beautiful, and I'm sure Sunday was also because we had a very enjoyable trip back to Charlotte.

   We had our oldest dog put to sleep the week before the trip. Her liver had failed, but she had been suffering from arthritis for the past couple of years. The dog she grew up with died two years ago and had also suffered from arthritis. This kept Debbie tied to the house for several years. I had already planned to make the trip so with Sheba gone, it was a perfect chance for Debbie to get away. I've taken trips, but this was our first "vacation" together in a very long time.

   It was great for both of us to see old friends. I also enjoyed meeting the "newbies". I personally approve of every one of them, for what that's worth. There aren't too many of us original JPS golfers left and most of us are friends of the old gang, many of whom have left us. You guys are the next generation and I hope this continues for many, many years.

   Thanks to Lem and Gary for carrying the torch for us all. My health has been questionable for some time and I couldn't help them much. The last medicine change and some shock treatments have me feeling much better in the past couple of months. I've been doing things I'd put off for years. Hopefully I'll be able to commit to more help for the next trip. I'd also like to be healthy enough to ride around for all three rounds.

   And special thanks to Bob Eudy for surviving his neck surgery. We were all worried about him, but especially me. If Bob didn't make it, I'd be the ugliest guy at the beach trips and I don't know if I could handle that.

   Speaking about ugly - I used to be in "Arnie's Army" and he didn't have what you'd call the classic golf swing. Some of you guys have great swings. Some of you aren't pretty when you swing, but score well. Some of you just suck. But it's all about friendship.

   I don't pull the trigger during a backswing, so my action shots are after you've already hit the ball. It brought back fond memories though. A lot of you guys swing like Arnie.

   Anyway, no camera was harmed during the making of these photos.  Enjoy,  but I can't be responsible for the content of the photographs.

    Click on a thumbnail to see the full photo, then click your browser's "Back" button to return to this page. These photos are sized for optimum printing at 4"x6". When the enlarged photo is on your screen, you should be able to "right click" and save the image on your computer. I'm working on a disc of all photos for anyone who wants one. It'll have all of the photos sized for printing (4x6), full screen viewing (screen saver or wallpaper), and for emailing or using on a website or Facebook. 
   If you particularly like a photo and want to print it at 5x7 or 8x10, I'll have to crop it differently and will email you a file. Ask and ye shall receive.        alisco@carolina.rr.com

Friday, May 2
International Golf Club
Murrell's Inlet, S.C.

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Saturday, May 3
Beachwood Golf Club
North Myrtle Beach, SC

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