The Last Party 

    These are the last photos that Larry took with his Nikon D3000 I gave him a few years ago that he loved dearly.

     Of course, a few shots didn't make it off my cutting-room floor. But I left the last three out-of-focus shots for 2 reasons. 
     First, they were the last three photos he took.
     Second, they are proof that Larry was not perfect, as are none of us. 

     I checked his camera settings and EXIF data from the photos and can offer an explanation why his last three shots sucked. If you don't care, just browse through the photos. 
     For the rest of the class ...... Larry had the camera set on Auto mode which meant the camera would determine the settings and whether or not to use the built-in flash. The first photo was taken outdoors and no flash was necessary. The rest of the photos were taken indoors and the flash fired on all but the last 3 shots. Firing of a flash requires a certain amount of time to re-charge and the D3000 is apparently very fast. Larry's last 6-8 shots were in rather rapid succession. Those last 4 shots were fired off within 18 seconds. The 4th-to-last pic was fine, but the flash just didn't have enough time to fire on the last three. 
    I'm sure some of you are wondering "if the flash didn't fire, why are the pictures so bright?". In Auto mode, the camera will adjust the aperture and shutter speed according to how much light is there plus whether the flash is on or not. The 4th-to-last photo was taken at 1/60sec, pretty much the limit for hand-held shooting but fast enough with the flash. Without the flash firing, the next photo was taken at 1.6sec to let more light into the camera. No human can hold a camera steady for 1.6sec. Even if these shots were taken with a tripod they would still have been screwed because the subject was moving while the shutter was open. Hence the lady's head in three positions in one shot. The only mistake Larry made was not allowing enough time for the flash to recharge. If I had $1 for every time I've done that .........

     Check in on this site occasionally as I'm going to be posting my favorite of Larry's photos for a couple of months. I promise there will be no more detective work or diatribe on future postings. I was anal over this one because I just couldn't move on without knowing why Larry's last 3 photos sucked. 

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