Goats Of Union County

Yes, it's true - I spent several months in the summer & fall of 2009, roaming the countryside looking for goats to photograph. I knocked on doors, showing farmers/owners other photos I'd taken of goats and asking for permission to take pix of their animals. Not one person turned me down. Goat owners love their animals and they loved it when I brought them back printed copies of my best shots.

     I've taken hundreds of pictures of hundreds of goats. Union County, N.C. covers an area of 640 square miles, so there are plenty of goats around here. After 3 revisions, I've finally put the book to rest. The book is 40 pages and contains 109 photos of  these cool animals.

     My photos of goats include Boer, Nubian, Toggenberg, Pygmy, Saanen, Nigerian Dwarf, one LaMancha, and one Oberhasli.

     I didn't get butted or gored although I'm missing some hair. Occasionally I'd be kneeling down taking eye-level shots of some goats and one would sneak up behind me and yank out a big mouthful of hair. My goats do that sometimes so I'm used to it. Doesn't hurt as much as it sounds like it would though.
But I did learn the hard way about electric fences and have been zapped in the knee and elbow. Now, I will tell you that hurts a tad!